Affordable Houses for Sale in Toronto

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Safety neighbourhood, vast job opportunities for skilled workers, high salary rate, public healthcare which is incomparable to any country in the world, first rate education system being recognised worldwide, and unpolluted environment. These and more make the country of Canada very much attractive to immigrants. Different people from all over the world are coming in either individually or with their whole family. Some foreigners are using a Temporary Work Permit, this visa gives the holder up to four years to stay in the country and can use this as an opportunity to stay longer through finding a permanent job that will help him be a Canadian citizen.The facts mentioned above make Toronto Housing Market actively flourishing.

Deciding whether to stay in Canada temporarily or permanently requires considering acquiring a place of habitat.

Purchasing real property requires a lot of thinking; you will be bombarded with various ads like; Houses for Sale in Toronto, Condos for Sale in Toronto and the like, thus will confuse you sometimes. But since buying a house can be the start of a promising investment or it can also play as the major factor of your bankruptcy, you need to think not only twice but hundred times if possible.

In choosing the best suited place for your future or existing family, you have to consider your lifestyle, kind of profession, your place of work, financial condition, future plans among others. Remember that you are not buying a property but acquiring a place which will provide the necessary safety and comfort to your family.

Your kind of lifestyle will determine whether to look for Condos for Sale in Toronto or choose a house. Living in condominium is a high maintenance kind of life, which is why most occupants are celebrities, young professionals who are practicing their new found independency and small family. Owning a condo unit requires very minimal property maintenance, if ever wanted one, you have the support of the condominium administrator. You don’t have to go out of town to rent if you want to soak in the pool, other amenities like gyms, spa, salon and other self-pampering activities are just around the building so less time is spent in doing so. Also your property and loved ones are secured since the whole building is being guarded 24 hours with maintenance roaming around.

With regards to the downside; it is more expensive living in the condo since standard of living is higher, not to mention the monthly or annual dues that are mandatory for every tenant.

If you are planning of a big family and is fond of remodelling your house every now and then, there are Houses for Sale in Toronto which are more affordable compared to condominiums. This however is for more self-sufficient family since maintenance is at your own expense. If you are the “jack of all trade” who can do several small repairs and renovation here and there, who can clean your own lawn, cut grass and paint porch, then this is a great choice. The good thing about having a house compared to condominium is you can do anything about your property, like use some part of it for business, extend some space and other makeover which will fit to the need of the family.

In making decision whether to buy a house or a condo, there are advantages and disadvantages. The best thing that needs to be considered is the comfort, safety, security in all aspect and happiness of the family.