Commercial Real Estate Edmonton

Edmonton is located in Alberta, which is the provincial capital and acts as the staging point for the some world-leading oil and gas exploration, production and service companies which maintain large operations here. Edmonton, Alberta is currently ranked as one of the top investment towns in Canada. Edmonton has a thriving commercial real estate market, which has displayed resilience to global economic challenges. The commercial property investors have recognized it as a buzzing hotspot, and it enjoys some major advantages such as wide-open landscapes, real estate market benefits from a high level of available land fewer geographic barriers. The city has great advantages with respect to national and international trade, as it is located in the central region between BC and other Prairie provinces, and provides a transportation link to Asia, US and Canada’s north.

As an investor you choose to put your money where it has the most potential for growth and best expectations for consistent income. Edmonton is coming in to its own as a more attractive global commercial real estate destination. Some of the reasons that make Edmonton the hub for commercial real estate investment are listed below.

1) Edmonton’s mushrooming Entrepreneurial Startup scenario:

Edmonton has established itself as a technologically advanced business hub. It has witnessed the growth of several innovation driven start ups that have unveiled new economic opportunities. It has become the favorite destination for creative minds exploring new horizons. If you wish to be a part of this city’s promising commercial boom, then it is a safe idea to invest in commercial real estates.

2) Myriads of Amusement options:

Edmonton gives you the opportunity to explore and experience various amusement options. The city has many museums, art galleries and street artists. It also enjoys the reputation of being a Festival city. Some of the major festivals include Dragon Boat festivals, design festivals, raft races, rodeos, K-days and many more. The Edmonton river valley is the longest stretch of urban parkland in North America and you can count on it for the adventure of a lifetime.

3)  Shopping Hub

This is one of the world’s top shopping hubs. The West Edmonton Mall is known as one of the largest in the world. You could find the most expensive luxury brands lined up for competition or opt for local shopping plazas that offer quality commodities at affordable rates. There has been a rise in the number of shoppers who spend higher amounts as compared to other retail destinations. In addition, new numbers show an 8% year-over-year increase in restaurant spending, with Albertans spending 32% more on eating out than the national average.

4) Fresh and inspiring destination

Edmonton is like a breath a fresh air even for the veteran world traveler. It is truly an inspiring getaway which always has something new to bring to the table, be it music, architecture or its vibrant culture.

5) Investment Opportunities

There are no doubts about the fact that Edmonton is one of the top investment destinations. There are several real estate investment opportunities in Edmonton. The office market is robust and has a strong presence. There are several financial institutions in the area that have sizeable presence. It is a good move to invest in the local retail projects and other commercial development projects.